Upcoming Litters

A cartoon litter of Australian Shepardoodles

At Snooze and Sniff, breeding Australian Labradoodles isn't just a business; it’s our lifelong passion. We take great joy and happiness in bringing these dogs into the world, not just for others but for ourselves as well. Our dogs are an integral part of our family and make our lives whole.

If you want to learn more about our upcoming Mini and Medium Australian Labradoodle litters, we invite you to meet the forthcoming puppy pack parents. This is an opportunity for you to see the wonderful dogs that will be the proud parents of our next litter. Contact us today to learn more about our breeding program and reserve your waitlist spot.

Cartoon Australian Labradoodle puppy on leash

Australian Labradoodle Upcoming Litter

Greetings, future Pawrents and Furriends! Check out our"Puppies’" page for CURRENT NEWBORN AVAILABILITY. To learn more about our parents, please visit "Our Dogs" page. To see examples of our past litters, please visit “Puppies" page.
Note: dates and males are subject to change based on our girls’ cycles. Our estimation is based on previous cycles, but Mother Nature might have other plans.

Current Puppies

Thor & Ripley

Currently acceptation reservations

Estimated Breeding: Nov
Estimated Go Home:March 2024
Small/Medium, 18-28 lbs

We're thrilled to present an exceptional litter of puppies, to be born from the pairing of Thor and Ripley. Thor, the beloved patriarch of our Labradoodle family, offers a mix of intelligence and a laid-back charm. His endearing personality and conformation have made him a cherished breeder. Ripley, on the other hand, is a cheerful and intelligent companion who adores playing with her young human siblings and has become a neighborhood favorite. This litter is the perfect blend of intelligence, joy, and structural excellence.

We are expecting babies in various shades of reds, caramel and apricots with and without white markings, and parti factored (white). All with fabulous fleece silky coats and amazing temperaments!

For those seeking Australian Labradoodle puppies with remarkable hypoallergenic coats and joyfull temperaments, look no further. They are bound to delight their forever families.

Fairytale Lane’s Sweet Gumbo & Murphy

We are accepting reservations for our upcoming Multigen Australian Labradoodles puppies

Estimated Breeding: Nov
Estimated Go Home:March 2024
Small/Medium, 18-28 lbs
Multigen Australian Labradoodles

We're excited to announce the upcoming litter from the exceptional pairing of Gumbo and Murphy. Sweet Gumbo is a charming boy with a stunning appearance, featuring solid boning and fantastic conformation. Gumbo is a miniature-size Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle with a luscious rich caramel-colored fleece coat and beautiful brown eyes. Murphy, the sweet and adventurous girl, offers a zest for life and a loving temperament, setting the standard for her breed. This unique combination promises a litter that embodies remarkable qualities such as intelligence, sweetness, and a love for adventure and their furever families. Their puppy dogs have a great disposition to becoming therapy, service, and emotional support dogs.

We are expecting mini and small medium dogs in various shades of reds, caramel and apricots with and without white marking. All with fabulous fleece silky coats and amazing temperaments!

Snooze and Sniff Australian Labradoodles Puppies for sale Breeder

Third Party Sire & Kaya

We are accepting reservation

Estimated Breeding: December 2023
Estimated Go Home: April 2024
Small/Medium, 18-22 lbs
Multigen Australian Labradoodles

Third Party Sire To Be Determined

Interested in becoming a guardian?

At Snooze and Sniff, we prioritize the health and well-being of our furry friends above all else. That's why we don't keep our breeding dogs in kennels; instead, we place each with a loving guardian family. These families treat our dogs like cherished family members, taking them on all of life's adventures and occasionally helping them bring beautiful litters of puppies into the world.
Becoming a guardian is a great way to have the best "in-the-litter" pup at a low cost. We carefully select ideal local families that we trust to raise the offspring of our best breeding dogs. If you live within two hours of Port Orchard and are interested in becoming a guardian, please don't hesitate to contact Alina at 206-446-7113. You can also follow the link below to learn about our guardian program.


About the Guardian Program