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A cartoon of mother and father Australian Shepardoodles

Meet Our Boys

Looking for the perfect furry friend to join your family? Look no further than our Australian Labradoodles! These delightful dogs are sure to win your heart with their combination of playful energy and affectionate nature. Get to know our beloved Australian Labradoodles parents! Our trusted breeding program proudly showcases the furry companions that produce our adorable puppies. These intelligent, affectionate dogs are carefully selected for their health, temperament, and breed standard.

Our Mini and Medium Australian Labradoodles are the ideal size for both outdoor adventures and cozy indoor snuggles. With their fluffy coats and unwavering loyalty, they make wonderful life companions.
Not only are they adorable and loving, but Australian Labradoodles are also incredibly intelligent and naturally drawn to providing therapy. They're the perfect fit for families looking for a furry friend that will not only bring joy but also provide a sense of comfort and support.

So why wait? Check out our parent's pack below and take the first step in adding an Australian Labradoodle to your family!

  • Color: Apricot Tuxedo
  • Hair Coat: Wavy fleece
  • Weight: 20lbs
  • DNA Profile: vWD/PRA-4/PRA/HNP/NES/DM/RD/EIC (clear)
  • OFA Hips/Elbows: Good
  • OFA Eyes: Normal
  • Color Codes: : B/B e/e kb/kb S/sp
  • ALAA Registration #: ALAA-124302
  • ALCA Registration #: wi-388-06/15/2020-4219-F
  • Registration Name: Swinging Gate Murphy

Oh just a happy happy happy “Murphy"

Swinging Gate Murphy, affectionately known as Murphs, holds the distinction of being the very first addition to the Snooze and Sniff family, handpicked by devoted paw parents Alina and George in August 2020. Residing in the picturesque Port Orchard, Murphs enjoys the company of human and canine companions as they embark on exciting adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest. The highlight of her day undoubtedly lies in the cozy evenings, filled with affectionate snuggles in her cherished parents' bed. Her endearing disposition, often described as calm and sweet, is a trait she proudly passes on to her beloved puppies.

Murphy embodies not only a sweet and affectionate demeanor but also radiates a zest for adventure that makes her an ideal companion. Whether through her charm or her endearing expressions, she has a remarkable way for bringing laughter and joy into our lives. Her exceptional conformation and wittiness further solidifies her role in our Australian Labradoodle breeding program. As a valued member, she sets the standards for the breed with her remarkable temperament and structural excellence, and her puppies have great potential for therapy, service, and emotional support companions,

Murphy is my soul dog, and she has made an incredible mark on my life with her little paws, and I am so honored to raise her babies - from her unbiased mama, Alina

  • Color: Parti with apricot markings
  • Hair Coat: Soft, Large Curled Fleece
  • Weight: 23lbs
  • DNA Profile: vWD/PRA-4/PRA/HNP/NES/DM/RD (clear) EIC/(carrier)
  • OFA Hips/Elbows: Good
  • OFA Eyes: Normal
  • Color Codes:: B/b e/e KB/KB sp/sp
  • ALAA Registration #: ALAA-124290
  • ALCA Registration #: 132-12/19/2020-4332-F
  • Registration Name: Swinging Gate Jazzy

Miss “Jazzy” Toons

Meet Jazzy, an integral part of our Australian Labradoodle breeding program, and one of our very first mamas. She resides with us in Port Orchard alongside her sister Murphy and brother Thor. Jazzy stands out with her enchanting long lashes and plush, bouncy curls, but her charm goes beyond appearance.

Jazzy is known for her gentle and affectionate nature, spreading joy with her calm and loving demeanor. Her love for snuggling is unmatched, and her conformation reflects the standards of a multigenerational Australian Labradoodle.

If you're seeking an Australian Labradoodle breeder renowned for exceptional puppies, Jazzy is a shining example of our commitment to breeding excellence. Her offspring carry forward her wonderful temperament and conformation, making them cherished additions to loving homes.

  • Color: Apricot Tuxedo
  • Hair Coat: Wavy fleece
  • Weight: 19lbs
  • OFA Hips/Elbows: Excellent/Normal
  • OFA Eyes: Normal
  • Color Codes:: B/B e/e KB/KB S/sp
  • ALAA Registration: ALAA-125189
  • ALCA Registration : 388-02/21/2022-4453-F

Miss “Kaya" kiss attack

Meet Kaya, one of our cherished Australian Labradoodle mamas. She's the embodiment of sweetness, love, and loyalty. With boundless energy, she's always eager to play and build new friendships, leaving everyone with ear-to-ear grins. Whether she's romping with her cat siblings, entertaining kids, or mingling with dogs of all sizes, Kaya brings joy from sunrise to sunset. Her cherished pastimes include cuddling, playfully begging for delectable treats she's not allowed to eat, and napping in the most endearing positions with her pawrents. Kaya is a pro at seizing attention, and as an adorable and intuitive Australian Labradoodle companion, she's known for her infinite supply of affection, ensuring perpetual joy for all.

Kaya's joyful walks, collection of little stuffy toys, and spirited zoomies showcase her exuberance, reminding us that Australian Labradoodles are indeed one of the smartest dog breeds – no, we are not biased at all. ?

From her unbiased parents ?

For those in search of Australian Labradoodle puppies, Kaya is a delightful representative of this cherished breed, offering the perfect blend of love, playfulness, and loyalty.

  • Color: Apricot with white marks
  • Hair Coat: Wavy fleece
  • Weight: 19lbs
  • DNA Profile: vWD/PRA-4/PRA/HNP/NES/DM/EIC/RD (clear)
  • OFA Eyes: Normal
  • Penn Hip: 5.0
  • Color Codes: B/b e/e S/sp
  • ALAA Registration #: ALAA-128072
  • ALCA Registration #: 388-02/21/2022-4493-F

Miss “Ripley" VonSnickerdoodle

Meet Ripley, our cheerful and carefree Australian Labradoodle companion who wholeheartedly enjoys spending time with her four young human siblings. She delights in frolicking alongside them and has an undeniable passion for playing fetch. Her strongest bond, however, is with her human mother, as she remains a constant presence by her side.

Ripley's remarkable intelligence is evident in her swift grasp of commands, and she eagerly performs a trick or two in exchange for some tasty treats. Her parents can't help but shower her with praise, acknowledging both her effortless training and her calm and composed demeanor. Ripley has also become a neighborhood favorite and a staple around her human's chiropractic clinic, charming all the patients with her pawsitivity.

For those seeking Australian Labradoodle puppies, Ripley embodies the qualities of this cherished calm dog breed. She's a joyful and intelligent companion, perfect for families and individuals alike.

  • Color: Parti with apricot markings
  • Hair Coat: Soft, Large Curled Fleece
  • Weight: 20lbs
  • DNA Profile: vWD/PRA-4/PRA/HNP/NES/DM/RD/EIC (clear)
  • OFA Hips/Elbows: Excellent
  • OFA Eyes: Normal
  • ALAA Registration #:: ALAA-124303
  • ALCA Registration #:: 388-11/24/2022-4446-F
  • Registration Name:: Snooze and Sniff Ella
  • Color Code: : B/b e/e KB/KB sp/sp

“Ella” bella caramella

Allow us to introduce Ella, a distinguished member of our miniature Australian Labradoodle breeders team. Ella is renowned for her poised and affectionate temperament, bringing a sunny vibe to her family's life.

Ella's physical appearance and great structure harmonizes seamlessly with her exceptional temperament, making valued member of her loving family, and our snoozy ohana. She is celebrated for her sharp wit and outstanding learning capacity, eagerly mastering new tricks and showcasing her talents to esteemed guests. However, her most profound loyalty is exclusively reserved for her cherished humans, embodying the essence of a faithful and devoted companion.

In addition to her delightful temperament, Ella's hypoallergenic coat is meticulously suited to her family's requirements, enhancing her appeal as a treasured member of their household.

Notably, Ella and Thor, have played a pivotal role in bringing promising pups into the world, showing significant potential for therapy and service

australian labradoodle male
  • Color: Red with white markings
  • Hair Coat: Soft Fleece (non-shedding)
  • Weight: 33lbs
  • OFA Hips/Elbows: Good
  • OFA Eyes: Normal
  • Coat color:: B/B e/e KB/ky S/Sp
  • ALAA Registration #: ALAA-124301
  • ALCA Registration #: wi-132-08/11/2021-4368-M
  • Registration Name: Swinging Gate Thor

I will rock your world “Thor”

Meet Thor, our beloved Australian Labradoodle breeder, the distinguished stud of the pack and the charming 'doggo man' of the household. Thor's impressive intelligence and larger-than-life personality are matched only by his commitment to keeping things wonderfully relaxed. While he indulges in plenty of playful activities to make the hoomans giggle, Thor's greatest joy lies in those blissful moments of snoozing on the sofa.

Thor's endearing qualities, including his constant cheerfulness, wonderful conformation, loving nature, and unwavering loyalty, are passed down to his beloved puppy dogs. We hold him in the highest regard, and his striking good looks draw attention wherever we go. Thor is always ready to bask in the admiration and welcomes belly rubs, or three, with open arms—well, open paws!

Thor has proven to be an illustrious sire, gracing us with multiple litters of exceptional puppies, each one held in the highest regard by their adoring forever families. As we look ahead to the year to come, we are delighted to anticipate that Thor, will continue his legacy by producing more extraordinary puppies, each set to captivate the hearts of those they are destined to join

Thor is available for stud service

miniature australian labradoodle for sale
  • Color: Apricot
  • Hair Coat: hair
  • Weight: 19lbs
  • ALAA Registration #: ALAA-132159

Happy-go-lucky Gigi

Gigi is delightful and known for her upbeat behavior. With a combination of intelligence, playfulness, and friendliness, Gigi is a joy to be around. She has a cheerful disposition that can lift anyone's spirits. Her happy-go-lucky nature is infectious, and brings a sense of positivity to any situation. Gigi is highly sociable and loves to interact with people and other animals. She has a natural inclination to please and is eager to learn new tricks and commands. She makes frequent eye contact when on walks and observes even paced walking on leash without pulling. Gigi has the softest golden hair that sways when she runs. She is sure to brighten up your day with her enthusiastic and love able behavior!

standard labradoodle puppies for sale
  • Color: Caramel with white markings
  • ALAA Registration #:: ALAA-129360

Future sire Benji

Meet Benji, our future hopeful sire. Upon successfully passing his health testing, he will become an integral part of our program. We are hopping to have his first litter late summer 2024.

australian labradoodle for sale
  • Color: Red with white markings
  • Hair Coat: wavy fleece

Future Mama Poppy

Meet Poppy, our future hopeful mama. Upon successfully passing her health testing, she will become an integral part of our program. We are hopping to have her first litter early mid-year 2024

miniature australian labradoodle
  • Color: Caramel
  • Hair Coat: Wavy Fleece
  • ALAA Registration #: ALAA-129588

Future Mama Bliss

Meet Bliss, our future hopeful mama. Upon successfully passing her health testing, she will become an integral part of our program. We are hopping to have her first litter late 2024, early 2025