About the Guardian Program

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Putting the Happiness of Our Dogs First via Our Beloved Guardian Families.

At Snooze and Sniff Australian Labradoodles Breeder, our main priority is the health and well-being of our dogs. Instead of housing them in kennels, every dog is placed in the care of a guardian family. They are cherished pets and go on life's adventures while occasionally taking a break to extend their legacy with a beautiful litter of puppies.
We limit the number of litters each dog produces to ensure they stay healthy and enjoy a long and happy retirement. This keeps standards high and allows us to uphold our ethical breeding philosophy.
Our incredible team of guardians opens their hearts and homes to our beloved dogs; we’re forever grateful for that.

Australian Labradoodle Litter

The Guardian’s Mission

Guardian homes are meant to benefit everyone involved: the dog, breeder, and guardian home.

How do Guardian Homes benefit everyone?

The dog:Instead of housing them in kennels, every dog is placed in the care of a loving family. Once they graduate from the breeding program, they have a well established abode and don’t have to be rehomed as adults.
The Guardian Family: Unfortunately, we cannot keep all our breeding dogs at our home, and even if we could, they would not receive the utmost care they require. This is where our guardian parents come into play. Our guardian program gives us great peace of mind, knowing that our dogs get the best love and care. It also guarantees that the dogs will have a perfect bill of health. They’re backed by high-caliber structure and temperament at a reduced price for the guardian family.

Snooze and Sniff: We don’t see our dogs as breeding machines – they’re loved, valued, and essential family members. The guardianship program gives us the peace of mind that all our breeding dogs are getting the love and devotion they deserve while we continue to grow our program humanely and ethically.

Guardian Family Application Requirements:

Considering becoming one of our trusted guardians? We look for the following qualities when selecting families for our guardian program:

✓ You must be a homeowner, not a renter. You should have a physically fenced yard and be home most days. Occasionally we will consider a home that does not have a fenced yard only if the family agrees to keep the dog on a leash outside a physically fenced area.
✓ You must be willing to make the dog available for breeding or when he is needed. Hence, the guardian family must be able to make the dog/puppy available to us upon request and with sufficient notice for various types of testing, breeding, whelping, etc.
✓ You must agree to maintain training. (No one wants a poorly-behaved dog) This is just as much for your benefit as the pup. A well-trained puppy/dog earns greater freedom and is a joy to live with and take out and about.
✓ You must keep your dog/puppy as an indoor dog and not leave it alone for extended periods. They are not kennel dogs, although they should be properly crate-trained.
✓ You must feed only pawTree pet food, treats, and seasonings.
✓ And finally, you sign a Guardian Home Contract and place a $500.00 non-refundable deposit. (This goes towards the training and eventual spay/neuter) The contract is completed once they are spayed or neutered and is no longer a member of the breeding program.

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